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Digital DJing

The New Era

Digital DJing has moved on from just the realms of (now pretty much defunct) MiniDisc and the every popular CD DJing - the laptop and PC DJ is considered as the new kid on the block. Over the years I've ran this site, it's been interesting to see how, at first, nearly all questions were about vinyl, and then from about 1998, there was a huge shift to more people asking about CD equipment - and now, more and more, I get asked about what to do for laptop DJing. And, as this is something that's not covered in huge detail in the book, I figured it was about time I threw something on here.

A bit of a cheat

A by 'throw something up here' - I'm just going to leave a link to the Native Instruments page - which covers your options incredibly well. Sure, you can look at Torq, Final Scratch, Serato, PCDJ and many others too - but Traktor, by Native Instruments is my current favourite, and if nothing else, this page on their website goes through the many options available to the digital DJ, from basic laptop DJing to full on vinyl controlled computer DJing.